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  • Thank you very much!!! We couldn't decide on the tour for a long time. Trusted BN Tours, and did not regret it at all.This is not the first time we use the agency's services. Everything is always on top! I would like to express my great gratitude for our wonderful vacation. Next time only to BN Tours!!! Thanks!!!
    Anselm Hans-Günter Bayer
  • I want to express my gratitude and leave a positive feedback. This was my first experience of traveling with the BN Tours travel agency and I was very satisfied. The head of the agency was very attentive to my needs and wishes. Always in touch, solved any problems. The vacation was at the highest level, and the price for everything pleasantly surprised me. I will definitely contact you next time. Thanks!
    Kevin Urban Schüttmann
  • Thank you very much to the entire staff of the BN Tours agency! You have fulfilled our long-standing dream by visiting Turkmenistan! In general, the entire staff of the BN Tours travel agency is a team of professionals who really love what they do. That is why by choosing the "BN Tours" team, you will get your dream vacation!
    Edelgard Therese Peters


250 km north of the city of Ashgabat is a place that attracts tourists from many countries with its appearance. At one time there was a village called Darvaza (Gate), where ordinary people lived and did not know about the existence of underground bowels. But the time came when large gas reserves were discovered there. It was the eighties of the last century. One day, due to the excess amount of gas production, cavities formed in the ground, which led to an accident. The earth sank and gas began to seep into the external environment. They say all the equipment failed there, but no one was injured. When the gas began to sow on the ground, they decided to set fire to the pit... But not a single person had any thoughts that this pit would burn until today, and also attract people.

“I visited the Darwaza gas crater at night and it looked so spectacular. The sight is extremely unusual. You can't get close, especially downwind. If possible, be sure to go and see "live".”

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